Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao Betting Tips and Fight Preview

Mayweather vs Pacquiao is finally happening on Saturday 2nd May 2015 (early hours of Sunday 3rd May in the UK).  This fight needs no introduction really, it has been awaited by boxing fans for 5-6 years now and is arguably coming too late in both men’s careers, but we’d rather see the fight happen at all than not!

Mayweather vs Pacman in las Vegas on 2nd May 2015

In the UK the fight has just been snapped up by Sky Sports, so will be available to buy on Pay per view on Sky Box Office on the night of the fight, for around £19.95.  This isn’t bad really and I’m sure there will be many late night house gatherings that night.  So before we go to the fight odds, let’s take a look at the last few outings for both men.

Manny Pacquiao – Recent fights

The Pacman is now 36 years old and went a bit off the boil a couple of years ago.  His peak was arguably around 2008-2011, in which time he beat Oscar De la Hoya, sparked out Ricky Hatton, KO-d Miguel Cotto and beat Shane Mosley comfortably on points.  At this point Mayweather wouldn’t go near him with a bargepole and would have been facing a prime Pacman.

Since that peak, Pacman got KO-d in 2012 by 38 year old Juan Manuel Marquez in an astonishing fight.  Marquez was the clear underdog going into the fight, but managed to connect with a gung-ho Pacman on too many occasions and found he had the power to stop Pacquiao in his tracks.  This seemed to signal the end of Pacman at his peak and the feeling of vulnerability remains now, even after 3 points wins on the bounce.  The old marauding style has had to give way to a more considered style which may well play into Mayweather’s hands.

Back in 2008-2011 when Pacman was walking through fighters, you could see him potentially negating Mayweather’s skills by just blasting him out of there, but now it seems he will have to engage in a boxing match and there’s only really one winner if that happens.  Pacman did though beat very decent opposition in Timothy Bradley, so has still been operating at the highest level and beating people.

Floyd Mayweather – Recent Fights

Mayweather has fought Maidana twice on the bounce in recent fights, with Maidana giving him absolute hell in the first fight.  the second fight was more comfortable and Mayweather did what Mayweather does, controlling the range and beating his opponent comfortably enough without over-committing himself.

Mayweather is now 38 years old and this fight is going to be about who has aged the least, who has maintained their speed and also ability to take a punch.  Mayweather comfortably beat young pretender Saul Alvarez, but he had a lot in his favour such as making Alvarez come down a lot in weight to make the fight happen.  This has been a feature of Floyd’s career and he won’t have such advantages in this fight, giving Pacman a chance at least.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Outright Odds

Mayweather 1/2 (Coral, Ladbrokes)

Pacquiao 2/1 (Sky Bet, Stan James)

Draw 22/1 (Various Bookies)

The bookies make Mayweather the odds on favourite and that seems fair enough, although Mayweather has slowed down a bit, he’s had much less damage in his career, taking far fewer punches than Pacman and never really looking too ragged or gone in any of his fights.

Pacman has had a tough career and has fought in many wars to get to the top, so at 36 may be he will be the one who shows the signs of wear and tear the most.  It’s a cracking matchup, but I do agree with the bookmakers here in terms of the odds.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Method Of Victory Odds

Mayweather by Decision/TD 8/11 (Ladbrokes)

Pacquiao by KO/TKO 11/2 (Coral)

Pacquiao by Decision/TD 11/2 (Betfair)

Mayweather by KO/TKO 7/1 (Bet365, Coral)

The obvious choice is Mayweather on points and the bookies think the same and I am no different I’m afraid.  Much as I want to see a different outcome and would love to see Pacman topple Mayweather after being avoided for so many years, I feel that Mayweather has timed the fight to perfection and will be able to control Manny at range.

The age of both fighters mean that ring savvy and skills will probably play more of a part than out and out raw power as Pacman has blown off a lot of the steam from earlier in his career and is no longer such an explosive fighter as he was during his peak.

The best price of 8/11 for Mayweather on points is not particularly tempting when compared to the outright victory odds of 1/2.  I’d rather take Mayweather outright by any method at 1/2, which also would include any potential stoppage win – this is fairly unlikely but you never know and the small odds difference makes it more worthwhile to take the 1/2.

Recommended Bet

Floyd Mayweather to win Outright @ 1/2 with Coral/Ladbrokes