Bermane Stiverne v Deontay Wilder Betting Tips

Bermane Stiverne takes on Deontay Wilder on Saturday 17th January 2015 in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  This is the first major fight of the year for boxing fans and is for the WBC World Heavyweight title.  In the UK it will be shown live on Boxnation in the earlier hours of Sunday morning.

This is an intriguing matchup, Wilder has all the hype behind him and is an absolute knockout machine with a perfect record of 32 fights, 32 wins and 32 knockouts.  Stiverne has not had such hype behind him but still has a decent record of 26 fights, 24 wins and 21 KOs, with a draw and a close loss also on his slate.

Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder title fight

It cannot be argued that Wilder doesn’t have the power to KO Stiverne, but what can be argued is that he has not really fought anyone of Stiverne’s level before and he has not had his own chin tested properly.  Stiverne is a decent heavyweight, he has some technique to go with his power and could outbox the raw Wilder.  Wilder can look upright and has shown some technique deficiencies in his earlier fights, however if he gets to Stiverne and connects with a big shot, it will all be over very quickly.

Stiverne vs Wilder Outright Odds

Deontay Wilder 4/6 (Bet365)

Bermane Stiverne 8/5 (William Hill)

Draw 35/1 (Betfred)

The bookies have it quite close, they also must realise that this is Wilder’s first major test and that the hype train could well come off the rails right here.  However, I like 4/6 for Wilder, I think the bookies have been fair here and I still think that Wilder will have too much power for Stiverne to cope with.

I was expecting the bookies to get carried away and maybe go 2/5 or something like for Wilder, but at 4/6 at Bet365 I think there is enough in those odds to warrant a bet on Wilder.  I do feel at some point he will come off the rails and get totally outboxed by someone, but I’m sot sure Stiverne is the man to do it.

Stiverne v Wilder Method Of Victory Odds

Deontay Wilder by KO/TKO 8/15 (Betfair)

Stiverne by KO/TKO 23/20 (Betfair)

Wilder by Decision/TD 5/2 (Betfair)

Stiverne by Decision/TD 13/5 (Betfair)

Again I think the bookies have been fair here, the chances are Wilder is going to hit and hurt Stiverne, but if he himself is going to lose then you would expect it to be by KO as he might crumble when he finally gets hit by a fringe world level contender.  Wilder has ran out of ideas before in fights, but I totally don’t expect this fight to go the distance and would recommend simply taking the outright price of 4/6 for Wilder at the moment.

The bookies have been slow to price up the Method of victory or round betting markets just yet, so keep an eye out for those markets closer to fight night.  For now the prices shown are what is currently available on Betfair, but you should get much better prices on the night when a few bookies should have woken up to the fact that there is a big fight happening.